Jo & Tom's Illustrated Portraits & Bespoke Design

Well hi there, it’s been a while since my last blog post. Between gorgeous stationery orders and revamping my website, I’ve had a lot on.
I’ve wanted to talk about this design for a while, and I finally had enough time to sit down and give it the attention it deserves. I think you’re going to love what I have to show you today!

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It's all in the details card

The devil is in the details'... 'the gory details'... 'the finer details'... a few choice idioms and phrases get tossed around when it comes to the nitty gritty of things. When it comes to weddings, everyone tends to do things a little differently and put their own stamp on things. For that reason, it can be very handy to include an additional details card with your wedding invitations to guide your guests and let them know what to expect.

So, what should you be including on the details card? Lets dive in!

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Alice & Steve's Tipi Wedding

"Do you remember the 16th night of September...?"
Oh ok, it doesn't quite fit... But everything else within this blog will, I promise!
Today I'm giving you a little look behind the scenes at the lovely designs I worked on for Alice and Steve's tipi wedding in September! I've talked about the process behind creating a bespoke design before, this time I wanted to go into some more detail and show you how wonderful the result really can be. This design began a little differently to others, so lets get into it!

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Bespoke Design- What's the Process?

Now, some of you may be wondering... "Bespoke design? What is bespoke design? Isn't everything you do bespoke? It has our names on it after all..." Before I dive in and explain a just how the bespoke design process works with me, I thought I should at least give you a bit of an explanation of what bespoke design is.

Let's start with the stereotypical wedding speech opener... Oxford Dictionary defines the word 'bespoke' as "made for a particular customer or user".
While that is true for all of my designs, as they are made to order with your particular wedding details, bespoke design goes further than that. Bespoke design means that I start completely from scratch, I take all of your ideas and inspiration and make something completely new- and completely you. This means you have complete control of the colours, the font styles, whether or not you want flowers, if you want a drawing of you or of your venue... the list goes on. It gives you the perfect opportunity to make everything centre around your personalities as a couple. 

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What's in a wedding invitation?

What’s in an invitation? That which we call an invite, by any other name would do the trick… or something like that... Like Shakespeare, I could wax lyrical about the things you can, should and shouldn't include in a wedding invitation, but there are much more important things for you to be spending your time worrying about. As long as your guests know where they're going, when they're to arrive, and what it's all in aid of, then you've cracked it. You can stop reading now!
If you're interested in a deeper dive, please feel free to carry on...

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How wedding planning took over my life...

Hello there! Since this is my very first blog post I thought I better introduce myself before I launch off into whatever I have to say. If you've gotten yourself this far on my website, you may have already read my about page but just incase...

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