Bespoke Design- What's the Process?

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Now, some of you may be wondering... "Bespoke design? What is bespoke design? Isn't everything you do bespoke? It has our names on it after all..." Before I dive in and explain a just how the bespoke design process works with me, I thought I should at least give you a bit of an explanation of what bespoke design is.

Let's start with the stereotypical wedding speech opener... Oxford Dictionary defines the word 'bespoke' as "made for a particular customer or user".
While that is true for all of my designs, as they are made to order with your particular wedding details, bespoke design goes further than that. Bespoke design means that I start completely from scratch, I take all of your ideas and inspiration and make something completely new- and completely you. This means you have complete control of the colours, the font styles, whether or not you want flowers, if you want a drawing of you or of your venue... the list goes on. It gives you the perfect opportunity to make everything centre around your personalities as a couple. 

If you want more information about the differences between my Personalised Collection and my Bespoke service, I wrote about it in a bit more detail over at Boho Weddings!

so where on earth do i start?

If Pinterest isn't already your best friend, now is the time to cosy on up. Pinterest really is the best way to start gathering ideas of what you like- it's the perfect way to visualise everything together. Start with colours that you like and work from there. It can quickly and easily become a modern day mood board for everything you need to pick and choose your wedding details.

blush and rose gold luxe mood board

This really is the best way for me to see the overall theme for the day. A picture really can be worth a thousand words in this scenario as sometimes it can be hard to describe that 'feeling' you want. You'll naturally be drawn to images that capture the look and feel that you want for your wedding.

Some couples will want a high class and elegant day, while others may feel more comfortable with a more relaxed and rustic edge. I've put two of my own mood boards together, you can see here how the combined images speak to two completely different styles of wedding day. These deserve equally beautiful stationery design, but the end results will be worlds apart in the look, feel and style.

These pictures will help give me more of an idea of exactly what kind of wedding you're planning. It shows me your style and it lets me get to know you a little better together as a couple.


Getting to know you both is key to good bespoke design- especially if you really want to pour in your personalities.
Tell me what you like, what you dislike and anything important to you that you'd like to include (like a llama because you love South America!). From here, I find a spark of inspiration and set to work!

I'll start designing something that I hope you'll love and after a short while you'll receive little bits of my ideas.
I try to send over a couple of elements at a time so, even early on, you can start to get a feel for how your stationery will look together as a suite. This is key for sets that include multiple cards, envelope liners and belly bands etc. It's ever so important that not only are the individual items beautiful, but that they also work together as a gorgeous and cohesive suite of wedding stationery.

We work together through the next steps to make any tweaks and changes to make everything just perfect. When you're 100% happy, it's then time to print!
Once you've received your box of stationery goodies, it's then time to send everything off into the big wide world and knock your guests' socks off!!


If something a little bit more personal sounds like something you'd be interested in, get in touch!
I'd love to hear from you and see all of your ideas.


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Botanicals & Greenery Moodboard Image Credits: Whimsical Wonderland Weddings | Jose Villa Photography | Style Me Pretty | Lily & May | Wedding Sparrow | Hello May | Ruffled | PlantABox