Final Proof Approval for Print

For your protection and ours, Hawthorne and Ivory will never send your designs to print before receiving your total approval and final sign off.

Please double check that all parts of the design are just as you expect them to look, refer to the below list for guidance:
• All the requested stationery items (i.e. all additional cards like details and RSVP cards or on the day stationery such as table numbers and menu cards) were included in the final proof files.
• Correct design, colours and fonts were used.
• All text and images are spaced properly, formatted and aligned correctly.
• All wording/phrasing is typed correctly and there are no spelling or grammatical errors.
• All important information is included - who, what, where, when and why.
• All names, dates, physical, email & web addresses and telephone numbers are correct.

Ensure all these items are correct and submit the proof approval form below.

Name *
I confirm that I have completed final checks as recommended above and approve my designs for print with no further changes *
I accept that any errors (e.g. spelling, grammar, missing information etc) are my responsibility and not the responsibility of Hawthorne and Ivory *
I understand that order quantities are now finalised and if any further prints are required they will be subject to minimum order numbers *
If you're 100% happy to send your designs to print, please hit the button below!